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1. Content <span class="highlight">Slider</span>
.jsn-easyslider p { margin-bottom: 20px; } The slider you see on this website is the Free Edition of another cool product JSN EasySlider from JoomlaShine. Please click on the below ...
Erstellt am 11. August 2015
2. JSN Artista Features
(Advanced Stuff)
... content for Joomla 3.x websites. Even you are a Joomla newbie, you now can create your desired page without worry. More about JSN PageBuilder Content slider The slider you see on this website ...
Erstellt am 01. April 2011
3. Image Gallery
(Advanced Stuff)
... comes with 8 themes: Theme Classic, Theme Slider, Theme Pile, Theme Carousel, Theme Strip, Theme Flow, Grid and Mansory. More themes will be released in the future. JSN ImageShow with Theme Classic ...
Erstellt am 01. April 2011

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